Meet Dr. Harpaul Sandhu DVMDr. Harpaul Sandhu

Dr. Harpaul Sandhu graduated and received his veterinary degree from Punjab Agricultural University in 2009. Dr. Harpaul Sandhu has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Bay Area, California since 2010. Dr. Sandhu worked in the corporate field and private practices. Prior to 2010, he also volunteered his time at animal shelters in the San Joaquin County.

Dr. Sandhu has extensive experience in soft tissue surgery and a background in orthopedic surgeries such as patella luxation, TPLO, femoral head ostectomy, in addition to general preventive pet care. He is also an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association.

To further pursue his passion in animal care, he decided to humbly take full responsibility as the sole owner of Animal Clinic of Benica. He, along with his dedicated team of doctors and staff, strive to provide the best care possible for pets and their owners.

“When I am not devoting my time to providing optimal care for my patients’ health at the hospital, I spend my time with my beautiful wife and adorable daughter along with my two rottweilers and a rescue pup named Coconut. In my free time, I enjoy watching basketball and football. I am truly a very family oriented man. I believe our companions play a very special role in our lives creating a unique bond between owners and their pets.”

Harvinder Sandhu

Harvinder Sandhu DVM

Jason – RVT

Nicole – Supervisor


Lauren – Veterinary Assistant

Lauren graduated from a Certified Veterinary Technician School and is currently working her way to becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Lauren shares a love for many different species including her Crested Geckos, Tangee and Rufus, but her true passion lies in equine medicine. She has been involved with horses since she was a child and hopes to further her career into the equine field some day. In the meantime she enjoys making a positive experience with all of our furry companions and their owners.

Mackenzie – Veterinary Assistant

Diana Clausen – Kennel Technician

Diana has worked at the Animal Clinic of Benicia since 2004. For all those years she has spent her days caring for our hospitalized patients, keeping their temporary homes clean and providing them with extra TLC during their recoveries. When she’s not cleaning up after our patients, Diana enjoys spending time with her own furry friend Sabrina the cat. Diana is also an avid crafter and is always doing some sort of arts and crafts or hanging out in her garden.

Kathy – Receptionist


Peggy recently graduated from UC Davis, and is an aspiring technician’s assistant. Peggy volunteered working with farm animals, and realized her passion for animals. Peggy then interned with a small animal hospital in Sacramento, CA. Her favorite animal is a goat (followed closely by dogs). Peggy has been working at the Animal Clinic of Benicia since March of 2019. She loves that she is able to learn about veterinary medicine, and take care of others’ companion animals. In her free time, she enjoys reading, and being crafty.